I'm Be.

This is a blog about my life in Charlotte. I am a wannabe fire eater, compulsive reader, secret artist, beginner gardener, ninjalike organizer, and TERRIBLE speller.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween 2009 was great. We had our annual Dead Person Ball and the costumes were AMAZING!

The Colorado Ball Fiasco and Tim and I dressed as Dorothy and Sophia from "Golden Girls".

Two Janis Joplins and an Octoberfest/ vampire couple.

Billy Mayes...complete with OxyClean.

Don Ho...

The food....

Bob Ross, painting his "happy little trees, and the spider lady.

Red Riding hood, the Wolf and Minnie Mouse....Sacajawea and Kangaroo (aka Nora)

Mary (I can't find my picture of her with Jesus)

Nora singing Karaoke (she kicked butt on Queen's "We Will Rock You". I am serious.)