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This is a blog about my life in Charlotte. I am a wannabe fire eater, compulsive reader, secret artist, beginner gardener, ninjalike organizer, and TERRIBLE speller.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Thanksgiving Table...

Here is the table for Thanksgiving.  You cna also see our newly redecorated dining room.  I am so loving the orange!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Wizard of Oz Party..

Every year, Tootie's party is based on her favorite book from the previous year.  This year was the Wizard of Oz. 
The gift bags: stickers, ruby slipper cookies, bookmarks, lollipops, wizard of oz, silly straws, courage medals, rainbow candy, rainbow sun catchers, and bubbles:

 The cookies:
 The rainbow cake:

 Our next door neighbors:

 Opening the gifts:

 Paul as the Wizard:
 The Tin Man:

 Pin the heart on the Tin Man:

 The Roar like a lion contest:
 The Soberons:
 Grandma came as the Wicked Witch:
 "Uncle Henry", The Scarecrow, and the Wizard:

 The lion and the "Yellow Brick Road":

 Our Family:

 The "Wizard's Balloon":

 Oh No, the cake fell on the witch!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tootie is FOUR!

Tootie's birthday week started off with her climbing into bed with me Tuesday morning and announcing "MAMA!  I am four now!"  She then demanded I comment on how long her legs are now that she is four.
The next request was to go to Target and "Buy some four-year-old stuff".   for her birthday dinner, Tootie chose Red Robin.  No surprise there.

The birthday girl
 Grandma's present- SKETCHERS!  (How Tootie knew that they were Sketchers is beyond me.)

 Our gift to her- a blue ballgown for dress-up.
 Meeting Red....

 The "coup de grĂ¢ce":  after devouring this she promptly fell asleep.
 Her Celebration of Life at Montessori school: