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Monday, July 13, 2009


I never anticipated the joy I would have when cooking and serving my own homegrown food. Nor did I know how much BETTER it tastes.

Tonight I made baked chicken that had been stuffed with fresh mozzarella (from our local Italian butcher) and homemade pesto (we have a ton of basil in the garden. I poured some- get ready for it- HOMEMADE TOMATO SAUCE under it. I have been wanting to make sauce this whole summer and we finally had enough tomatoes. Okay, almost enough tomatoes. I had to supplement some canned organic crushed tomatoes.

As a side, I made Squash Carpaccio. I used the mandolin to slice zucchini and summer squash super thin and layered it with finely minced red onion, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. It was topped with just a sprinkle of grated Parmesan and it was fricking amazing. I don't think I have ever had raw squash and it is so much better than cooked!

I am so proud of the meal and it is really inspiring me to plant a bigger garden next year. So, go plant some veggies! Even if you have to plant them in a pot or in a community garden...just DO IT! It is so worth the (minimal) effort.


  1. Did I tell you about the year I planted tomatoes in my little circle of dirt that was never planted in before. I had ATOMIC tomato bushes! Three plants gave me well over 200 tomoatoes. I made so much sauce that year I am certain I still have some in my freezer. I did not plant any last year due to that. This year I planted one. We shall see.

  2. That meal looks amazing! And I must say you seem to have mastered the art of photographing your meals, they look (and sound) delicious! All I have been able to use from our garden so far are green onions. But I was shocked at how proud I was to cut and sprinkle those babies on my pasta salad! I hope our other veggies turn out!