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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tootie's New "grown-up" Bedroom

A few months ago, Tootie walked up to Beau and said, "Daddy, we have a problem".  When Beau asked what the problem was, he was informed that Tootie's room was in the wrong color. When we moved in, I panted her room a deep blue with cartoon koi all over the walls (it matched her crib bedding). So, what color does she want now?  Pink and Purple.  Oy.  Below are the final results of our month long redo.  Beau did the crown, chair rail and even the taller floor boards.  Everyone seems to be happy with the results.


  1. Nonie's room looks great!
    Is she loving it?

  2. I know this is anot older post but thank you for sharing. My 2 year old is obsessed with sofia the first and I wanted to go with those colors but not have an overbearing pink room. I am definitely using this idea. BTW, how wide are the stripes?