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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Trip to Denver...

Here are some photos.... more to come!
 Tootie showing me a chicken feather at the Littleton Historical Museum

Quilt at the Museum

The museum is a working farm...this was in the garden:


The farm:

Tootie liked the rams:

The Denver Zoo:

The "Miracle Round" as Tootie calls it:

Beau and Tootie love Polar Bears..

And I love Tootie:

So does Beau:

Playing with the Puppets at the Denver History Museum:

I love that he is such a dork.

Lifting an anaconda replica.  I thought Beau was going to crap himself.

The new Amazon exhibit was great.

Tootie loved the carnial dress-up section the most.

After the museum we found a little BBQ joint- delish!

The Denver Aquarium with Zoe, Tootie's cousin.

Beau, Dad and the kids checking out the fishies...

Feeding the Sting Rays:

Tootie was not impressed:

Zoe and Tootie reading at the coffee shop after the Aquarium:

Beau and Tootie:

Me and Tootie:

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