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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tootie is FOUR!

Tootie's birthday week started off with her climbing into bed with me Tuesday morning and announcing "MAMA!  I am four now!"  She then demanded I comment on how long her legs are now that she is four.
The next request was to go to Target and "Buy some four-year-old stuff".   for her birthday dinner, Tootie chose Red Robin.  No surprise there.

The birthday girl
 Grandma's present- SKETCHERS!  (How Tootie knew that they were Sketchers is beyond me.)

 Our gift to her- a blue ballgown for dress-up.
 Meeting Red....

 The "coup de grâce":  after devouring this she promptly fell asleep.
 Her Celebration of Life at Montessori school:

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