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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The other day while flipping through the channels (this was before we cancelled our cable) I can across a show called "Obsessed". Apparently, the title refers both to the people on the show and the people watching the show because I watched it for 5 STRAIGHT HOURS. I seriously couldn't tear myself away.
The show follows people who suffer from OCD as they go through therapy. It was fascinating to see all the different manifestation of OCD....exercise, hand washing, verbal tics, sound aversions, and some of them I can't even begin to explain.
The weird thing was I realized that most of the people I know have a touch of the OCD in one form or another. The difference is for the average person their compulsions don't get in the way of life. We may prefer something one way or another, but it doesn't HAVE TO be that way in order for us to function.

For example, this is how I PREFER M&Ms....
but, I would eat these even if they were not in color order.
Me = weird, but not OCD.


  1. So - my proclivity for drinking through a straw from a covered styrofoam cup would be a preference not a compulsion?

  2. I suppose. However, as stated above...
    Momo = weird, but not OCD.