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Sunday, September 20, 2009


After a year of talking about it, we finally did it. We cancelled the cable. It was scary.
I had lived without TV for a year or so back in 2003. Well, almost without TV. The PBS station came in just fine...most of the time. I actually liked the lack of TV because it forced me to do other things.
Beau and I have been debating about cancelling for well over a year. It was costing us over $80 a month and we knew we were wasting HOURS a day watching crap. Despite these two very valid reasons, we were still hesitant to do anything. I swear it felt like taking the training wheels off a bike! What if we couldn't find anything to do? What if Nonie cried all the time because she couldn't watch Dora? What is something cataclysmic happened and we didn't k now about it because we DIDN'T HAVE TV?

Then logic kicked in...
We ALWAYS have things to do. Painting, knitting, woodworking, cleaning, reading. The list goes on forever.
Nonie has DVDs and an entire room of toys. I am sure we can find something to entertain her.
We don't' watch the news. Both of us get all our information form the Internet.

So we did it.

And we LOVE it.

We are getting so much done around the house. things that we have been putting off for years. Surprisingly, the other thing that has happened is that Nonie is so much more focused and less whiny. It might be the age/developmental stage she is in, but there is a noticeable difference.

Who would have guessed?

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