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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Booze and Bowling.

Last night I went out with my BFF (Flooze) her husband (the Chad...as seen in the big wood photo on the right) and Beau. We had a great time at the Epicenter in uptown Charlotte. As per usual the festivities were kicked off with booze and food. We tried a new restaurant called BlackFin and were very happy with the "dining experience" (Nenny- insert root bear experience voice here).

We started with the booze...

Which was quickly consumed.

So, we moved on to dinner.

I had Lemon chicken with spinach and rice, Beau had prime rib with FANTASTIC garlic mashed taters. Flooze was the winner with a Jalapeno grouper over cheesy grits. The Chad had beef tips with maple glazed carrots.


After dinner we moseyed over to Strikers, the bowling alley in the Epicenter. Well, it was everything Beau had said he wanted in a bowling alley- smoke free and full of yuppies. I was the suck for both games. Flooze was the big winner...but I don't count that since she used to be in a league.

Although we all liked the bowling alley they wanted one AND ONLY ONE of your shoes in return for a pair of bowling shoes. It was amusing to watch people trying to demand they take both or neither of their street shoes.
Overall it was a very fun night which we hope to repeat soon.

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