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Monday, June 29, 2009


I have been thinking a lot lately about fear. Why we feel it, where it comes from and how we can move past it. I was talking to my mom the other day about how some people are fear based and some aren't. I think everyone has fear...the difference is how people work with it.

Some people are immobilized by fear, it stops them in their tracks. Then there are people who ignore fear and barrel through with a laser like focus on their goal. Maybe being someplace in between those extremes is the sweet spot. Pausing to explore what you fear is important, but you have to move forward. The pause is important so you can figure out if the fear is brain based or body based. What I mean by this is that fear is the body's way of warning you of danger...and in that instance you need to listen. However, we often confuse danger fear with our brain creating the feeling of fear that is more emotionally driven.

I find that often our fear is around failing, but I wonder why that is so bad? Why do we think it isn't okay for us fall down occasionally? Why do we avoid being imperfectly human? I look back on all the times that I worried about looking stupid, or making a mistake, or not being perfect and it makes me sad. I don't expect others to be prefect, so why do I expect that of myself?

Being a parent has really helped me move into being perfectly imperfect. None of us know what we are doing as parents (that is the big secret....you aren't the only one making it up as you go). We mess up and make mistakes and our kids love us anyways.

Mistakes are okay. Take those risks. Enjoy your imperfects!

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